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A gas line provides your energy-efficient equipment with an inexpensive and smart fuel source. We install, replace and repair gas lines in Los Angeles. We are available around the clock if you need urgent service.

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Natural gas has certainly made it easier and more affordable for Los Angeles homeowners and business owners alike to keep their appliances going as often as they’d like to. The gas pipes that bring you that energy can sometimes leak or cause other problems for your home and our plumbing contractors are here to handle all aspects of servicing them for you.

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The first thing to know about gas lines is that if there is a leak it can be extremely dangerous and even fatal to stay inside. Natural gas has no odor and it is also colorless, so suppliers are required to add a scent (similar to rotten eggs) to the gas to alert you if there is a leak.

Should you smell this scent or become aware of a leak turn off the main valve immediately and leave the building right away. Staying inside can lead to severe injuries and death, so do not take it lightly.

Gas lines are also quite flammable. One of the main benefits of natural gas is how little can be used to get an extreme amount of energy out of it. That can also work against you when there is a leak or a risk of fire as a tiny spark can lead to a huge explosion. It is highly unadvisable to work on gas lines yourself.

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